COVID19: Health experts to assess new measures

An increase in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations have prompted Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela to call an extraordinary meeting with government advisors on the pandemic. Hadjipantela said in light of the COVID

Ministers need expert advice

I submitted a few years ago to the then Minister of Interior that it was humanly impossible for a person with the best qualifications to manage such a diverse ministry. The discussion


COVID19: Experts see no need for fourth jab

Cyprus health experts are not convinced over the necessity of a second booster shot against COVID-19 while urging the authorities to keep a tight leash on restrictive measures. Dr George Panos, a

COVID19: Experts encouraged by drop in cases

Following Cyprus’ success in bringing daily COVID-19 cases down to double-digit numbers after spiralling to almost 1000, experts expect to see infections dropping even further, but called for vigilance. In comments to