Dozens of churches, mosques being restored

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Conservation and restoration works are taking place or are scheduled to be done in dozens of churches and mosques across Cyprus by the bicommunal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage.

Meanwhile, work carried out at the Salamina archaeological site concluded at the end of November is described as a landmark project.

Member of the Committee, Sotos Ktoris, told CNA the Salamina restoration project lasted eight months.

He said conservation workers and archaeologists from both sides worked on the project that involved mosaics, all archaeological findings and the Basilicas of Saint Epiphanius and Kampanopetra.

“There is no doubt this is one of the most significant projects the Technical Committee has fulfilled.”

Up next for completion are the churches of Saint George in Genagra, Saint George in Vatili, Agia Marina and Panagia Trapeza, Aheritou, Prophet Elias, Stilli, Famagusta, Zouhouri shrine in Larnaca, Agios Synesios church in Rizokarpaso and Panagia Kyra church in Komi Kepir.

Ktoris said the Committee has already awarded tenders for works in the Orounta mosque and the Ottoman baths of Larnaca.

Tenders are currently being evaluated for works concerning the second phase of the restoration of the Apostle Andrew monastery, the church of Saint Antonios in Massari, the church of Panagia Chryseleoussa in Sisklipos, the Canbulat Bastion, the Venetian walls of Famagusta and Saint George in Ardana.

In 2022 the Technical Committee will proceed with a call for tenders for works in Panagia Kanakarias in Lythragomi, Saint George in Goufes, Panagia Gypsou church, the mosque in Larnaca’s Kalo Chorio, Lefkara mosque, Maroni mosque, the second phase for Saint Charalambos Church in Neo Chorio Kythreas, two Ottoman taps in Larnaca, Saint George church in Prastion and Saint George in Spathariko.

He said that the Technical Committee is scheduling works at the archaeological sites in Solon and Vouni and other urgent restoration works in a series of churches and mosques.

Ktoris noted that studies are underway for projects related to the mosques in Terra, Avdimou, Alektora, Saints Sergios and Vakhos in Karpasia, Saint Paraskevi in Famagusta, Saint Ioannis in Argaki, Saint George in Flamoudi, Saint George in Limia, Saint Elias in Famagusta and Diamante Bastion at Famagusta Venetian walls.