COVID19: Over 28,400 cases, 1.3 mln tests in 14 days

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In the past two weeks, Cyprus reported over 28,400 new COVID-19 cases, pushing the island’s 14-day accumulated diagnosis rate to its highest ever as Omicron takes grip.

According to Health Ministry’s latest national epidemiological report, 28,414 cases were recorded from 21 December to 3 January.

The island’s two-week cumulative case rate increased to a staggering 3,199.8 per 100,000, up from 906 reported in the previous survey.

Cyprus has been on a rollercoaster of new COVID-19 cases, peaking at 5,457 on Tuesday.

The age of people contracting COVID-19 is dropping. The vast majority involves people under the age of 60, believed to be attributable to the island’s booster shot rollout, which started in September.

Over the last 14 days, 165,680 RT PCR and 1,280,012 rapid antigen tests have been performed (18,657.7 RT PCR and 144,145.5 rapid antigen tests per 100,000 population).

Among the 28,414 cases diagnosed since 21 December 2021, 52.3% were women, and 47.7% were men.

By age group, cases included 6,158 individuals aged 0-19 (21.7%), 20,429 aged 20-59 (71.9%), and 1,826 aged 60 and older (6.4%).

The median age of all cases diagnosed over the 14 days is 28 years (IQR: 21-41 years). The median age of adult cases (≥ 18 years) is 31.

Based on the epidemiological history, 3.6% (n = 1,002) were cases with a recent travel history, while 96.4% (n = 26,848) were cases of domestic transmission.

Almost half of the cases identified were found in Nicosia (46.8%).

Some 6,352 (24.8%) have an address in the district Limassol, 3,430 (13.4%) are from Larnaca, 2,103 (8.2%) from Paphos, 1,695 (6.6%) from Famagusta and 19 (0.1%) lived abroad.

With cases in their thousands, Cyprus health authorities reported a jump in patients in recent days.

On 4 January, 218 people were in COVID-19 wards, with a median age of 36 years.

Some 36 were being treated in ICUs, of which 32 (88.9%) were intubated.

The number of cases currently in ICU is 4.1 per 100,000 population.

On 3 January, the island’s health authorities had reported 172.928 cases.

Based on the recorded data, as of 4 January, 647 deaths were recorded, with the underlying cause being COVID-19 (mortality: 0.4 %).

The COVID-19 mortality per 100,000 population is 72.9.