COVID19: Four in five deaths are unvaccinated

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Over 76% of the COVID-19 deaths recorded in Cyprus last year were unvaccinated people, the Health Ministry reported on Friday.

According to data compiled by the ministry, 396 out of 518 coronavirus deaths recorded between 1 January 2021 and 4 January 2022 involved people without a COVID-19 vaccination record.

The other 122 deaths involved those who had at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Some 36 people who lost their lives to the virus were double-jabbed but did not come forward for a booster shot after the five and half month gap had elapsed.

Another 48 double-jabbed people lost their lives before their turn for a booster shot came up.

Overall, as of 4 January 2022, 741 deaths of people diagnosed with COVID-19 have been reported, of which 63.7% concern men (n = 472 deaths) and the remaining 36.3% concern women (n = 269 deaths).

Of the 741 deaths, 647 (87%) had COVID-19 given as the underlying cause.

Some 63.4% of total COVID-19 deaths involved men (n = 410 deaths) and 36.6% were women (n = 237 deaths).

And 50% of deaths of people diagnosed with COVID-19 were aged 69-85, with a median age of 77 years.

August 2021 saw the highest number of deaths of people with COVID-19 (n = 95), exceeding the previous record in December 2020 (n = 90) and January 2021 (86).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the percentage for the three months is 37% of the total number of deaths.

The highest percentage of deaths for coronavirus as the underlying cause was recorded in the District of Limassol with 34.3% (n = 222). Nicosia follows with 31.2% (202) and Larnaca with 18.2% (118).

Paphos recorded 9% of deaths (n = 58), Famagusta 5.9% (38), six deaths involved people for whom the ministry did not have a permanent address (0.9%), while three deaths concerned people residing abroad (0.5%).

Limassol has the highest mortality rate per 100,000 population (89.3 deaths).

Larnaca follows it with 78.2 deaths, Famagusta with 77.6 deaths, Nicosia with 58.4 deaths and Paphos with 61.8 deaths per 100000 population.

Cyprus has so far reported 192,157 infections and 650 deaths.