COVID19: Pressure for more jabs

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Long queues have been forming outside COVID-19 vaccination centres across the island all week, as the pressure on the unvaccinated and people who are in line for a booster shot pays off, with the number of jabs reaching a six-month high.

Health authorities said the highest number of COVID-19 vaccinations was on Thursday, as 12,589 vaccinations were carried out, of which 1,049 involved people who went in for their first shot.

In the past ten days a total of 94,651 vaccinations have been carried out, of which 8,457 were administrated to first timers and another 8,990 for second doses.

The remaining 76,245 involved people turning up for a booster shot.

Health ministry press officer Konstantinos Athanasiou told the Financial Mirror that the authorities were pleased with the turnout.

“It is encouraging that people are turning up for their booster shots, while a number of previously unvaccinated people have come forward. The uptick in vaccinations is important, especially with the arrival of a more transmissible variant (Omicron),” said Athanasiou.

According to the ministry’s latest statistics, 78.6% of the island’s population over the age of 12 has been fully vaccinated, which corresponds to the 68.4% of the overall population.


Children get vaccinated

The overall population rate is expected to be further boosted by vaccinations amongst children aged five to eleven, which got underway on Friday.

About 44% of children aged 12 to 15 are fully vaccinated, while 51.6% have received at least one jab.

The vaccination rate for the 16 to 17 year olds is lower, as just 40.1% have received one jab, while only 30.8% are fully vaccinated.

Currently, the entire population of over 70s has had at least on dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

A further 92.6% of people aged 60 to 68 have received at least one jab, while 88.3% of people in their 50s have received at least one jab.

The rate is higher amongst people in their 40s as 95.5% have had at least one shot.

Some 80.2% of 30-year-olds and 71.8% of people in their 20s have had at least one shot. The rate amongst teenagers aged 18 and 19 is 59.8%.