Cyprus enters chilly season, first snow

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Cyprus will experience cold weather as Wednesday night is expected to be the coldest so far, with temperatures dropping to zero degrees Celsius in the highest mountains and 6°C inland.

Talking to the Financial Mirror, Eric Kitas of KitasWeather, said Troodos saw light snow on Wednesday, while more could be expected on Thursday when temperatures could drop below 0°C.

“For the first time this year, snowfall on the highest peaks of Troodos was able to settle for a short time on the ground.

“However, the snow was not able to settle for long as strong winds had dissolved it,” said Kitas.

The weather observer said temperatures recorded at the highest mountains on Wednesday was 3°C.

“These colder temperatures we see these days are usual for the season. In fact, we should have seen these temperatures much earlier.”

The usual temperatures for the season are 19°C inland and the coasts, and 14°C to 15°C in the highest mountains.

Kitas said that strong westerly winds have helped to bring down temperatures.

However, these winds will die out by the evening on Wednesday.

Another ‘express’ low weather system will be affecting the island on Friday, bringing along with it some “much-needed rainfall for the island’s farmers”.

Kitas said that Cyprus will not get a lot of rain, as forecasts predict the months of December, January, and February will be relatively warm and dry.

He explained that the average temperatures would be in the normal range and a little higher, while the cumulative rainfall would range from 60% – 70% of the seasonal norm.

On Wednesday, moderate winds, 4 to 5 Beaufort, will be blowing from the island’s northwest, while they will be stronger on the coast.

Maximum temperatures will rise to 19°C inland and the coast, and 8°C on the highest peaks.