After rain, milder winter than usual

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Cyprus will get cooler over the next few days, as maximum temperatures on Friday drop to the normal 22-23 degrees Celsius, while the island will see more rain.

However, that’s about as much rain Cyprus will be seeing this year, as scientists foresee a dry and hotter than usual winter.

An anticyclone system settling in Northern Europe is pushing a low-pressure system towards the Eastern Mediterranean.

Maximum temperatures of 27°C recorded in recent days will subside, only to return towards the end of next week.

From Monday, temperatures will rise to well above the season’s average, with weather experts predicting insufficient rainfall this year.

In comments to state radio CyBC, Michalis Tymvios, a Met Office expert, said Cyprus will experience more dry weather following the rainy weekend.

“On Friday, we will be seeing temperatures drop closer to the season’s average of 22-23°C, with showers and thunderstorms expected, especially in the afternoon,” said Tymvios.

The Met Office representative said the rainy weather would continue throughout the weekend.

“However, our long-term forecasts are not optimistic for the rest of the year.

“Our meteorological models, based on data we have at hand, show the weather will continue to be dry until at least the end of the year.

“January is also expected to be dry.”

Tymvios said that for the first two months of the rainy season, September and October had produced 9mm of rain, while the average is 60mm.

Over the weekend, the maximum temperature will drop, to around 24 degrees Celsius inland, 23°C on the coast and 11°C in the highest mountains.

During the weekend and especially on Sunday, unstable weather is expected with intermittent rain and thunderstorms.

The rain will be heavy in some areas, especially in the east.