Cyta wins Europe’s fastest network award

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State owned telco Cyta has added another distinction to its mantlepiece, as it was named the fastest carrier in Q2-Q3 this year by Ookla, a leader in internet testing and analysis.

Though initially named Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, itself a successor to Cable & Wireless from the British colonial, Cyta is often associated with expensive services and bureaucratic management practices.

But over the last few years it evolved into a modern organisation that aims to offer competitive services to clients, although in the competitiveness sector there’s still much to be desired.

According to a Cyta statement, “the award was based on millions of metrics, made real-time via Speedtest app, by mobile users in the Q2 and Q3 of 2021, across dozens of networks across Europe.”

Cyta Chairman Michael Ioannides posted on his social media account that, “Cyta’s distinction as the fastest network in Europe represents at the same time a distinction of its vision, management effectiveness and the passion of its employees.

“It represents a distinction for Cyprus because Cyta belongs to every Cypriot citizen. The speed of Cyta’s network will facilitate the digital transformation of our country.”