In Cyprus 88% use the internet daily

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Adults over the age of 16 use the internet more in Cyprus than the EU daily average of 80%, according to Eurostat.

The percentage of adults (16 to 74) in Cyprus using the internet every day during the three months before the survey increased by 25% when comparing 2015 with 2020 (from 63% to 88%).

Both the percentage and the increase in Cyprus were higher than the average in the EU during the same period.

In 2020, 80% of adults said that they used the internet daily, a 15% increase compared to 65% in 2015.

The majority of northern and western regions of the EU reported relatively high rates of adults using the internet; the highest daily shares were generally recorded among people living in cities rather than those living in rural areas.

The highest share of adults using the internet daily was recorded in Helsinki-Uusimaa in Finland (96%).

It was closely followed by Hovedstaden in Denmark, Stockholm in Sweden (both 95%) and another two regions in Denmark: Syddanmark and Midtjylland (both 94%).

The lowest share of adults making daily use of the internet was recorded in Severozapaden in Bulgaria (53%).

This was closely followed by the region Nord-Est in Romania (55%) and three other regions in Bulgaria: Severen tsentralen (also 55%), Yugoiztochen and Yuzhen tsentralen (both 56%).

Eurostat breaks down regional data according to the NUTS system, based on factors such as population.

Cyprus is considered a single NUTS region for statistical purposes.