COVID19: Doctor’s ‘vaccinated’ patients have no antibodies

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More evidence piles up against a Larnaca doctor accused of issuing fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates, as seven out of 26 of his patients were found not to have developed any antibodies to coronavirus.

In comments to state radio CyBC, police spokesperson Christos Andreou said that nine blood samples were taken from 26 patients vaccinated by the 53-year-old Larnaca-based cardiologist returned negative for COVID-19 antibodies.

After their consent, Andreou said the blood samples were taken to verify whether the patients had received the jab or not.

Normally, a person vaccinated will develop antibodies against Covid-19, which are detected through blood tests.

They also show up in the blood of those infected with the virus.

The 53-year-old doctor appeared before a Larnaca District Court on August 7 and issued a seven-day police remand order.

He has since been released on bail as police inquiries continue.

Police investigated the doctor when a man reported that his son, who was seriously ill with COVID-19, claimed to have a certificate even though he was never vaccinated.

Since then, the 44-year-old son passed away, while another 41-year-old patient of the doctor has also died.

Both men reportedly admitted to doctors who were treating them at ICUs that their vaccination card was fake.

Police have collected a dozen of statements from family, friends and medical staff treating the two patients.

Andreou said investigations into the Larnaca doctor are ongoing, and findings will soon be delivered to the legal service for further instructions.

Meanwhile, police have obtained results from two patients of a doctor in Limassol also suspected of issuing fake jab certificates, neither of which showed antibodies to the virus.

The outcome of these cases will largely depend on health experts, as this is the first in cases of its kind in Cyprus.

Not having produced antibodies does not necessarily prove that one has not been vaccinated, an expert told the Financial Mirror.

As is believed, many anti-vaxxers or people reluctant to get a COVID-19 jab have resorted to paying for a fake vaccination card to secure a Safe Pass.

A vaccination card is one requirement for Cypriots to secure a Safe Pass, granting them entry to crowded indoor and outdoor facilities such as restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, supermarkets, and shops.