Police get Interpol help in fake doctor scam

Cyprus police are working with Interpol to dismantle an international ring scamming older people pretending to be doctors attending to a loved one. Following the arrest of a Larnaca couple, aged 65

Doctor kicked out of GHS accused of fraud

A 62-year-old doctor was remanded in custody for eight days by the Nicosia District Court for fraud after evidence that he had been providing medical services to General Health Service beneficiaries despite

Fake jab doctor pleads not guilty

A Larnaca doctor accused of issuing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to his patients pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of fraud and will stand trial in April. The 53-year-old Larnaca cardiologist, also

COVID19: Police want fake jab doctor prosecuted

Police have recommended to Attorney General George Savvides that a Larnaca doctor who allegedly issued fake COVID-19 vaccination cards stands trial. The 53-year-old Larnaca GP was under investigation after evidence emerged; he