COVID19: Cyprus offers jab to Turkish Cypriot students

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About 150 Turkish Cypriot students studying abroad have been vaccinated against COVID-19 at the State Fair centre in Nicosia at the initiative of the Republic of Cyprus.

Government sources told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the aim was to help the students get the necessary certificates for travelling abroad to continue their studies.

This is done by registering them directly to the relevant list of the Republic of Cyprus, which is the only internationally recognized government on the island.

Turkish Cypriots have difficulty travelling to Europe as they cannot acquire an EU digital COVID certificate because their vaccination documentation isn’t recognised.

The UK does not recognise the north’s vaccination certificates, while some airlines do not accept PCR tests issued in the north.

According to official sources, the Republic of Cyprus is also ready to facilitate more Turkish Cypriot students.

The Cyprus government requested three weeks ago from the Turkish Cypriot side the list of those vaccinated with EU-approved vaccines given to the occupied areas by the Republic.

This would enable them to be registered in the government’s database, to be able to issue vaccination certificates.

However, officials told CNA, there was no response from Turkish Cypriot authorities in the north.

For that reason, the Republic of Cyprus is looking into alternative ways of registering Turkish Cypriots who have been vaccinated with EU approved jabs.

One solution is creating an online platform to allow Turkish Cypriots to register their data and documents proving their vaccination.

A solution is expected to be announced within the next couple of days.

The Republic has delivered about 160,000 vaccines to the Turkish Cypriot community, of which 40,000 were given in the past three days.