Israel, Cyprus ties at an all-time high

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The relations between Israel and Cyprus have reached their highest level ever, outgoing Israeli Ambassador Sammy Revel told CNA in an interview.

“The most important thing that we did is to create a link between the future generation of Israel and the future generation of Cyprus.”

Revel’s term of office in Cyprus comes to an end after three and a half years.

He stressed the very significant cooperation between the two countries in the fields of security, energy, emergency issues, innovation, entrepreneurship, health, and culture.

“The relations between Israel and Cyprus are at their highest level ever.

“There are very close relations between the heads of state, between Prime Minister Bennett and President Nicos Anastasiades and between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid and Nikos Christodoulides and also among many other Ministers.”

He said there are also very important projects, very important cooperation in the field of security, response to emergencies, economic projects and also cultural exchanges.

“We just saw lately when the fire broke out in Cyprus how quickly Israel came with emergency assistance for Cyprus, as Cyprus did in the past.

“Today we work very closely together, and I can say that I am very happy that I was an Israeli Ambassador to Cyprus at a time when the relations were upgraded to their highest level.”

He noted that when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out “immediately we established important cooperation between the countries, first and foremost a hotline between the doctors to exchange information, to learn about this new challenge.”

A regional partnership based on energy goals has grown between Israel, Greece and Cyprus.

“The partnership that we established in this trilateral is very important in facing regional challenges because through the cooperation among Israel, Cyprus and Greece, we are providing a pillar of stability.

“The natural gas resources that we have found in the Exclusive Economic Zones of Israel and Cyprus are a very significant opportunity for our countries, an economic opportunity but also an important economic opportunity for our cooperation.”

“We have already launched several important projects for example the EastMed pipeline to supply gas to Europe.

“Also, the electrical cable, the interconnector that will connect the electrical grids of Israel, Cyprus and also Greece and from there to Europe.”

Revel said this will lead to more cooperation in renewable energy.

“We see what is happening today with the environment and renewable energy is our number one priority.”

Revel noted that US support in the region is extremely important.

“It reinforces our cooperation and we also have today something which is very welcome. More and more cooperation with our peace partners in the Middle East.”

Revel said a very important example is the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum “which brings us together around this issue.

“And I am confident that in the future we will have more and more forums for cooperation between us which will change the paradigm of the Middle East.”

He is proud of meeting tens of Cypriots trained on innovation by Israeli experts.

“This is for sure inspiring the future generation to solve challenges on climate change, water issues, health issues and many other issues which are important for our future.

“This bridge of innovation constitutes an inspiration for the future generations.” (source CNA)