Trust in democracy at an all-time low

Almost eight out of ten Cypriots do not trust the political system and believe democracy is suffering in Cyprus, according to CyBC’s latest opinion poll ahead of May 30 parliamentary elections. Confirming


Political snakes and ladders

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the President’s approval ratings have slid down the popularity ladder faster than a snake sheds its skin. Asking Cypriots what they think about


Guterres serves political expediencies

By Dr Andrestinos N. Papadopoulos, Ambassador a.h. The Report of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on his mission of good offices in Cyprus, submitted recently to the Security Council, contains references and omissions


Rise and fall of empires

By Pavlos Loizou  There is a typical cycle behind empires’ rises and declines. In the beginning, there is peace, prosperity, and productive debt growth. As the economy expands, a debt bubble is


Untangling the viper’s nest

Having done almost nothing to clean house during the current parliamentary term, and with their seats shaking with the fear of not getting re-elected, MPs are now jumping on the ethics bandwagon.


When art imitates politics

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental principles of democracy. And if we want to believe that we live in a true democracy, then this freedom, be it in art or


Political earthquake as 3 MPs ditch DIKO

Sending political shockwaves, Cyprus centre-right Democratic Party (DIKO) saw three of its 10 MPs, two senior officials walk out in defiance to form their own parliamentary group on Tuesday. The sudden announcement