AKEL new leader looks to reshape future

Cyprus’ main opposition party AKEL has a new leader, Stephanos Stephanou, elected Secretary-General by a strong majority at the end of a three-day party conference. Stephanou, 56, a former government spokesperson, replaces

My kingdom for a minister

There we were thinking the government would turn the page on its transparency record by reshuffling the Cabinet to herald a bright new dawn in Cyprus politics. The parliamentary elections sent a


Woman Speaker is what politics needs

The mainstream political parties have not learned from the lessons of recent elections, whereby 34% of the electorate abstained in disgust, the fallout from ongoing scandals, corruption, and abuse of public trust.


Political snakes and ladders

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the President’s approval ratings have slid down the popularity ladder faster than a snake sheds its skin. Asking Cypriots what they think about

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