When art imitates politics

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental principles of democracy. And if we want to believe that we live in a true democracy, then this freedom, be it in art or


Political earthquake as 3 MPs ditch DIKO

Sending political shockwaves, Cyprus centre-right Democratic Party (DIKO) saw three of its 10 MPs, two senior officials walk out in defiance to form their own parliamentary group on Tuesday. The sudden announcement

State needs to restore public confidence

Cyprus state officials need to brush up on their restoring public confidence skills, as people are tired of them sweeping everything under the carpet or blaming  ‘the system’ for everything from corruption


Embracing Europe’s power

By Josep Borrell  The geopolitical upheavals we are witnessing today underline the urgency with which the European Union must find its way in a world increasingly characterised by raw power politics. We