A perfect storm is brewing

Without COVID to keep people in check, the government is wobbling to the finish line like a lame horse in the Grand National. After spending a truckload in state support to keep


Armenia’s five challenges to recovery

After three decades of independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union, tiny Armenia faces a plethora of challenges, not least because of hostile intentions from its neighbours. With limited natural resources


The good, the bad and the unlikely

We’re exactly nine months away from the next presidential elections, and the game of musical chairs is well underway, with 10 candidates in the running. From primed politicians to professors, a human


Cypriots distrust institutions

Political institutions, including the government and parliament, fail to instil trust among Cypriots as parties gear up for the Presidential Elections in February 2023. According to a recent survey, two institutions that

Alternative energy is the new frontier

With Russia halting natural gas supplies to western Europe, the ‘weaponisation’ of energy had lurked in everyone’s mind. Politicians prayed Moscow would never resort to this form of blackmail and the pipelines


A vote of no confidence

While the world frets about another war in Europe, the government has picked an opportune moment to pedal its proposals for confidence-building measures. President Anastasiades said he was to tell European leaders

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