COVID19: Police probe into fake jab cards widens

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Cyprus police are investigating more doctors issuing fake COVID-19 jab cards, with the latest case involving a woman allegedly conned into believing she had been vaccinated.

A Limassol woman told police of her suspicions that her doctor had not vaccinated her with a COVID-19 jab after discovering her vaccination was not registered with the Health Ministry data system.

The woman told Limassol police officers that she could not issue a European Digital COVID Certificate despite being given a vaccination card.

She claimed her vaccination was not carried out at the doctor’s practice but his home, while the woman said she did not know the doctor’s full name or credentials.

Police are close to identifying the suspect, who they believe might not be a doctor.

The latest case in Limassol is the sixth case involving fake jab cards reported in recent days after two COVID-19 patients were admitted to holding fake vaccination cards after they landed in a hospital ICU, where they put on ventilators.

Police are going through 102 vaccination certificates issued by a Larnaca-based General Practitioner who has been remanded in custody.

He was given the green light to vaccinate people with the AstraZeneca jab along with his fellow GPs in a bid to speed up vaccinations back in May.

According to media reports, the suspected doctor proclaimed he had found a formula to cure cancer in the past, raising the hopes of hundreds of sufferers in Cyprus.

It was later proven that he had been handing out food supplements as a formula for the disease.

The medical profession has demanded the authorities take action against the doctor.

Meanwhile, the Health Insurance Organisation has informed the patients of the Larnaca doctor that his services have been suspended.

Patients have been referred to two GPs based in the town.

Police are looking into another three cases of doctors who have allegedly issued fake vaccination cards.

Two Paphos-based doctors and another Limassol physician reportedly gave fake cards.

One of the Paphos cases involves a paediatrician who allegedly issued a fake vaccination card for her son, who is now being treated at a COVID-19 ward at Limassol General.

Another case was reported on Tuesday after a young man turned up at the Deputy Ministry of Innovation with a vaccination card asking officials to help him issue a digital COVID certificate.

Officials found there was no proof of him being vaccinated, with the case being referred to the police and the Health Ministry.

A vaccination card is one requirement for Cypriots to secure a Safe Pass, granting them entry to crowded indoor and outdoor facilities such as restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, supermarkets, and shops.