Police get Interpol help in fake doctor scam

Cyprus police are working with Interpol to dismantle an international ring scamming older people pretending to be doctors attending to a loved one. Following the arrest of a Larnaca couple, aged 65

Elderly parents targeted by fake doctors

Police are warning the public to be wary of callers claiming to be doctors, demanding money from elderly citizens to operate on a loved one in critical condition. The latest alarm came

Germany blows whistle on fake halloumi

German authorities have caught Cypriot cheesemakers exporting Halloumi products that do not meet the required EU standards under its PDO (Product of Designated Origin), increasing fears Cyprus could lose its flagship export.

Two men held over fake EU passport

Two Congolese, aged 39 and 33, were arrested at Larnaca airport after evidence emerged that one was travelling with a fake EU passport provided by the other. On Monday, the two men

COVID19: Police want fake jab doctor prosecuted

Police have recommended to Attorney General George Savvides that a Larnaca doctor who allegedly issued fake COVID-19 vaccination cards stands trial. The 53-year-old Larnaca GP was under investigation after evidence emerged; he

COVID19: Six doctors probed for fake jab cards

Cyprus police are investigating six doctors who have allegedly provided their patients with fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. Police spokesman Christos Andreou told the Financial Mirror that the force is currently looking into

COVID19: Emergency meeting over fake jab cards

Attorney-General George Savvides is holding an extraordinary meeting Monday, with police and the Cyprus Medical Association (CMA), following allegations of doctors issuing forged COVID-19 vaccination certificates. The meeting, attended by Health Minister