COVID19: Doctors persuading patients against jab

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According to claims made by a pulmonologist at Limassol General’s COVID-19 ward, some doctors are dissuading their patients from getting a coronavirus vaccine.

Pulmonologist Dr Charis Armeftis, on CyBC radio, criticised the state doctors’ Union PASΥKI for not taking action against its members who discourage people from getting a life-saving vaccination.

Dr Armeftis said that no doctor could express their personal opinion without censure, as they are in a position of responsibility as members of the medical community.

He wondered when did medicine constitutes a personal opinion and not scientific knowledge.

“Officials must decide whether there is a responsibility and medical negligence on the side of those doctors who influence people not to get vaccinated, only for these persons to end up in ICUs”.

He asked PASYKI to provide evidence of measures taken against doctors who could be held responsible for a patient’s deaths by offering their personal opinion against the COVID jab.

Armeftis challenged doctors who refuse to get a jab to work in hospital ICUs that are crammed, where staff have to prepare the next bed after a patient dies.

State hospital organisation (OKYPY) spokesperson Charalampos Charilaou said 90% of doctors and 70% of nurses had been vaccinated.