Volunteer Doctors Cyprus to depart for Syria

A medical and humanitarian mission from Volunteer Doctors Cyprus is scheduled to depart next week for northern Syria, affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the country and Turkey. Volunteer doctors said


Health system rocked by conflict-of-interest claims

Cyprus’ General Healthcare System is in turmoil after the head of the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO), Thomas Antoniou, tendered his resignation after personal attacks against him and the GHS. Antoniou’s resignation comes

COVID19: GHS to combat abuse of system by doctors

Following accusations of financial waste and loopholes turning the General Healthcare System into a money sink, the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) charged with running the service is tightening its grip. The HIO

GHS money sink row

Three years after its historic launch, the foundations of the country’s General Healthcare System is shaky, as the government and opposition go head-to-head over allegations of waste. Emotions boiled over at the

Patient backlash at fat cat GHS doctors

Cyprus patient organisations are fuming over a small number of specialist doctors raking over €500,000 a year from the General Healthcare System, while there is limited access to vital drugs. In comments