COVID19: Hospital situation manageable, preparation for autumn wave

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Most COVID-19 hospital admissions are unvaccinated cases, although the situation is manageable as health officials prepare for a possible new wave in the autumn.

Some 90% of patients in the COVID reference hospital Famagusta General are unvaccinated, according to Amalia Hadjiyianni, Scientific Director of the Famagusta and Larnaca hospitals.

She told CNA there are 72 patients, of which six are in the Intensive Care Unit, requiring closer monitoring, four of which are intubated.

The youngest patient is aged 23 and the oldest 87, with a median age of 58.

Only eight patients have been vaccinated against COVID from the 72.

Five have received the first dose, and three completed their vaccination regime.

Hadjiyianni said the Walk-In vaccination clinics had encouraged the public to get vaccinated without having to make arrangements.

“The people should take advantage of this privilege so that we can return to normality.”

“However, just because people have been vaccinated, this does not mean they shouldn’t adhere to taking personal protective measures, that is, wearing masks, keeping distances and using antiseptic.”

Many admissions require intubation due to the severity of their clinical situation, which burdens the ICUs.

“COVID, she added, does not distinguish age; it can affect both young and old with symptoms such as heavy pneumonia, which can rapidly affect their respiratory function,” said Hadjiyianni.

Meanwhile, State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) spokesman Charalambos Charilaou said the situation in hospitals is manageable, but a large number of people are in ICUs.

He told CNA state services are bracing for autumn in the event of another cases spike.

“A large number of people are being treated at hospitals.

“We consider the situation to be manageable; the numbers have stabilised in wards, although the number goes up and down some days.

“We hope that in the next few days, figures will completely stabilise, and we will also see a decrease in admissions,” Chariloau said.

He said that what worries OKYPY is the large increase in ICU admissions and the length of time it takes for patients to be discharged.

All non-emergency surgeries in the private and public sectors have been cancelled.

Regarding autumn, Charilaou said that if a new wave affects Cyprus, OKYPY is ready to implement the plan it has prepared as far as bed availability is concerned. The plan, he said, has been strengthened to face any situation.