COVID19: Nine out of 10 hospital patients are unvaccinated

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A government COVID-19 advisor Zoi Dorothea Pana believes vaccination coverage of every age group should be accelerated as 9 out of 10 hospital patients are not vaccinated.

She said according to studies conducted, vaccines do not affect fertility or make people sterile, a common fear among those rejecting the jab.

“Toxicological studies that have been conducted on vaccines to obtain approval have not shown that they affect fertility,” said Pana.

The situation, Pana said, is at a crucial point, with the aggressive Delta variant prevalent in Europe and Cyprus, the most contagious COVID strain so far.

“The weapon we have in epidemics related to infectious diseases is prevention, and that means vaccination”.

Pana told CNA there should be an acceleration in fully vaccinating all age groups, especially where coverage is weak in the younger population.

According to the Cyprus surveillance report on the pandemic, the median age of cases dropped to 23, while the median age of patients is now 53.

“The number of hospital admissions is increasing. Nine out of 10 people who are hospitalised have not been vaccinated. The situation is critical.”

Pana said that young people need to be informed about the benefits of vaccines, and scientists need to address their concerns.