COVID19: Cyprus sponsors holidays for vaccinated

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Cyprus’ Tourism Ministry on Monday announced an incentive scheme for vaccinated Cypriot holidaymakers, offering them discounted hotel stays from 15 July to 31 August.

The holiday deal is part of a series of measures introduced by the government to encourage younger people to get vaccinated following a new outbreak driven by the delta virus.

As part of the government’s five pilar action plan to encourage Cypriots to get vaccinated, the “Sponsored Summer Holiday Scheme” will be available only for people vaccinated against coronavirus or who have recently recovered from the disease.

The scheme is tailored to encourage local tourists to stay at Cyprus hotels which have been quiet this year, as the island’s tourism industry has been crippled by the coronavirus pandemic for a second successive season.

The recent spike in cases combined with the UK keeping Cyprus in a no-go zone has shot down hopes of seeing mass foreign tourists this summer.

According to the government-subsidised scheme, Cypriots will be offered accommodation at hotels or other tourist facilities, with a ceiling of €52 a night for a double bedroom with bed and breakfast (the price includes the government’s 35% discount).

To be eligible for the deal, guests will need to be vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or recovered from the disease in the past six months.

A room must be booked for a minimum of three days.

The deputy ministry called on hotels and businesses to join the scheme to submit their interest by Friday, 9 July.

By next Monday, a list of available hotels will be made available to the public.

A ministry official told the Financial Mirror that guests would have to present either their EU Digital Covid Certificate or a vaccination card if they have been vaccinated.

In the case of people who have recovered from the disease in the past six months, they can present written proof or a text message from the Health Ministry stating the date of their release from self-isolation after contracting the virus.

Children under 16 do not need such proof.