Cyprus heatwave just got hotter

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Cyprus will continue to swelter under a week-long scorching heatwave, as Friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far, with maximum temperatures soaring to 44 degrees Celsius.

On Thursday, Cypriot meteorological authorities renewed a yellow warning for extreme heat with maximum temperatures expected to exceed 42֯ C.

According to climate experts, Kitas Weather temperatures will climb further, reaching a scorching 44°C on Friday.

Eric Kitas told the Financial Mirror a hot air system from central Africa is moving towards the central Mediterranean, pushing temperatures up by seven degrees, compared to an average of 37°C for the season.

“Although temperatures over 40°C are not unusual for Cyprus, they did appear earlier than usual. The month of June and the first days of July are a transitional period to the island’s harsh summer season,” said Kitas.

Greece and Italy are also suffering from the weather system, with temperatures climbing up to 10 degrees above average for the season.

In Cyprus, Kitas said he expected temperatures to begin to drop on Saturday to just under 40֯ C and will be “back to normal” next Monday.

Asked if Cyprus should brace itself for another record-breaking summer, Kitas said weather observers find it highly unlikely as last year’s summer was the hottest in 100 years.

“If we do have another summer like last year’s, then that would be an indication that the earth’s climate is in big trouble (due to climate change).”

On Thursday, maximum temperatures will rise to around 42 degrees inland, around 34°C-36°C on the coast and around 33֯ C in the mountains.

With temperatures expected to remain extremely high, the Forestry Department has also kept its fire hazard on red alert.

The public is advised to stay in the shade, drink plenty of fluids and avoid strenuous exercise.