COVID19: Woman betrayed by face mask

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A 35-year-old woman from Georgia was arrested for entering the island illegally after police stopped her for not wearing a mask properly during a routine COVID check at Paphos Mall.

It was discovered the woman was living in Cyprus without being registered with the immigration department.

According to the police, officers conducting checks at the Paphos Mall for breaches of coronavirus measures at shops had spotted the woman wearing her mask under her chin.

Face masks are mandatory for indoor shopping or other activities and must cover the nose and mouth.

Police cautioned the woman for not wearing a mask properly in a public place and asked for some identification.

Reportedly, the woman showed police a Greek identity card, which one eagle-eyed officer noticed to be counterfeit.

Upon persistence, the woman presented an identity card from Georgia; further investigation revealed that she was not a legal resident.

The woman was arrested while police are carrying further investigations.

She was charged with forging and circulating a forged document, illegally entering the island, and violating COVID-19 restrictions by not wearing a mask in a closed, crowded area.