COVID patients nearing 100

Hospitalisations of Covid-19 patients are close to reaching triple-digit figures, as they spiked from 70 to 90 compared to last week, according to the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY). In comments to

COVID19: Wider face mask use back on the table

Scientists advising the government on handling the coronavirus pandemic are split over whether authorities should reinstate a face mask mandate as cases and hospitalisations have shot up. According to the Health Ministry’s

COVID19: 1 death, new cases double

Cyprus reported one death in its weekly Covid bulletin on Friday, with new cases more than doubling to 7,263 from 3,479 the week before, with hospitalisations also on the rise, following the

COVID19: Woman betrayed by face mask

A 35-year-old woman from Georgia was arrested for entering the island illegally after police stopped her for not wearing a mask properly during a routine COVID check at Paphos Mall. It was