COVID19: Cyprus third in EU as nearly 50% vaccinated

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Almost half of Cyprus’ adult population has taken a COVID-19 jab, placing it third in the EU for its vaccination rollout.

The latest figures (21 May) show 359,952 people (48.6%) have had one shot of a vaccine, and 155,192 people (21%) are fully vaccinated.

Citing OurWorldInData figures, the Health Ministry said Cyprus is now third in the EU, with 57.54 vaccine doses for every 100 inhabitants, Malta is first with 104.46 and then Hungary 82.16.

It said the country’s vaccination rollout was helping to build a wall of immunity to return to normalcy by protecting people against serious COVID-19 illness.

Everyone aged 18 and over has the opportunity to get vaccinated with one of four available COVID jabs (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen).

Health authorities now plan to revisit all age groups offering another chance for those who, for whatever reasons, did not book a jab appointment.

“Stepping up the vaccine jabs has led to a decrease in cases and fewer people needing hospitalisation,” the ministry said.

According to the data published, 15.3% of people aged 20-29 got their first dose, for 30-39 it is 35.2%, for 40-49 52% and for 50-59 it has reached 54.8%.

For 60-69-year-olds, coverage is 68.5%, and for 70-79, it is 81.9%.

For people aged 80 and over, vaccine coverage is 85.4% (first dose).

When it comes to vaccination coverage by district, Paphos ranks first (at least one dose) with 50.7%, Larnaca and Nicosia have 47.2% and 47%, respectively, Limassol is 46.1% and Famagusta 43.8%.

“The belief that COVID-19 vaccination is a very important scientific weapon in preventing the emergence of new mutations and inhibiting the spread of the virus is growing among citizens who are responding positively to the call for vaccination,” noted the ministry.