COVID19: Pressure on hospitals eases as patient numbers drop

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State hospitals are enjoying a breather, as increased COVID-19 vaccinations have led to fewer patients needing treatment, freeing up beds taken from other wards.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, state health services (OKYPY) spokesperson Charalambos Charilaou said hospitals had seen a significant improvement in the past few days.

On Wednesday, there were 150 coronavirus patients in hospitals, of whom 33 were in an ICU and 26 are intubated.

The number is relatively high, but half the 300 patients Cyprus hospitals had before a two-week lockdown was imposed on 26 April.

Commenting on the number of people in ICUs and Acute Care Units, Charilaou said it is still high compared to the total number of patients, but normal as ICUs are the last to empty.

OKYPY is currently working on an action plan for the gradual repurposing of hospital beds and wards for non-COVID patients as COVID-19 admissions fall.

Paphos General Hospital will no longer admit COVID patients, redirecting any patients in need of treatment to Limassol General.

“When the last coronavirus patient is discharged, the wards used for COVID patients will be returned to the hospital’s orthopaedics and pathology clinics.”

Charilaou said recent efforts to convince many reluctant health professionals to get vaccinated have paid off.

Total infections during the past 14 months are 71,398 and 348 deaths.