COVID19: Cyprus vaccination portal crashes

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The Cyprus vaccination portal for 19,000 applications crashed moments after it opened on Wednesday due to technical problems, with the Deputy Ministry of Innovation saying it is working on trying to bring the portal back online.

The junior ministry apologised for any inconvenience caused, saying in an announcement that the online portal had crashed due to the increased traffic, and has taken the portal offline until the issue is resolved.

“The Deputy Ministry is working intensively, in cooperation with all stakeholders and service providers, for the immediate resolution of these problems and requests that the public exhibits patience and understanding,” said the announcement.

The Deputy Ministry of Innovation said it will be sending out another announcement once the portal is back online again.

The portal had opened at 8 am on Wednesday and was to remain open until 7pm on Thursday for those over 61 offering 19,378 appointment slots.

Earlier on Monday, authorities said that they planned to cover a record number of people, as after offering appointments to people using immunosuppressive drugs, and over 61’s, the vaccination rollout would reach those over 57 years of age by the end of the week.