RCB Bank introduces mobile POS payments

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RCB Bank, who has recently become one of the leading players in merchant acquiring in Cyprus has introduced mobile POS services for delivery orders as well as restaurant table service.

This new service integrates RCB wireless terminals over the internet with the billing systems of the merchants using web services APIs, allowing clients to pay for their deliveries on the spot using plastic money.

“Mobile pocket mPOS services allow merchants to provide clients with a receipt copy via SMS. The client will be able to receive the receipt as a digital image as well. This solution offered by RCB Bank is both innovative and eco-friendly and is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind” said RCB in a press release on Friday.

This RCB mobile pocket mPOS solution is flexible and can provide value added for merchants of various industries.

The service can be used to call any open bill by entering the order number for deliveries, pump number for petrol stations, table number for restaurants, contract number for insurance and so on, in order to retrieve the bill amount seamlessly from the RCB POS terminals, and automatically update the merchant’s cash register system.

In the announcement, the Head of Merchant Acquiring & Open Banking & Digital Payment Services, Harry Xenophontos said that RCB Bank is aiming at providing leading and innovative solutions for its merchant clients.

“RCB Bank’s Merchant Acquiring Services team aims at designing convenient digital payment solutions that make it easy for customers to transact while ensuring operational efficiency for the merchants”.

RCB Bank entered the card clearing sector in Cyprus in early 2019, aiming primarily at improving their status as a business partner for their clients.