COVID19: Cyprus to vaccinate 310,000 by May

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Despite delivery delays announced by AstraZeneca, Cyprus’ vaccination rollout will gather speed when another 270,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses are expected next month, enabling 30% population coverage, said the Health Ministry.

According to the updated timetable, the population’s vaccination coverage is expected to increase to more than 30% by the first week of May, reaching more than 310,000 people.

So far, 131,623 coronavirus vaccinations were administered in Cyprus by March 21, of which 37,109 were individuals who received both their jabs.

The government’s target by the first week of May is to vaccinate another 195,000 people who will get the first dose of an approved vaccine.

Cyprus is to see increased deliveries from the other two authorised vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. The first batch of the recently approved Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) also expected.

The Health Ministry remains focused on the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, recognising that the vaccine is the primary weapon in the pandemic.

“All citizens are called upon to continue to support the national effort, choosing vaccination as the means that will save our lives.

“Joining everyone in this tremendous effort will protect us from the virus and allow us to return safely to our normalcy,” said the Health Ministry.

The Ministry is currently focusing on carrying out vaccinations of vulnerable groups, hoping to cover them by the end of the month before continuing with its age-based rollout.

Some 1,714 people belonging to vulnerable groups have been vaccinated with the first dose, said Health Ministry spokesperson Margarita Kyriacou.

“Actions are underway to increase the rate of vaccination of the vulnerable, to reduce the risk of serious illness in these individuals,” said Kyriacou.

Cyprus ranks fifth in the Europe Union for vaccinations after administering 14.78 vaccine doses per 100 people.