Young Cypriots addicted to social media, internet

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Around 8.3% of young Cypriots are addicted to social media, while 24% have generally problematic use of the internet, according to a survey of people aged 15-35.

The survey conducted by Alexander Research Centre in September 2020 used a sample of 1,059 people aged 15-35, including 465 secondary school students and 594 university students.

It was funded by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority, the Cyprus Youth Organisation and Hellenic Bank and presented before the parliament’s education committee this week.

The problem of addiction to social media and the internet exists and constitutes a danger for public health in Cyprus, MPs were told.

Alexander Research Centre Manager Costas Christodoulides said apart from the positive impact and use of modern technology; researchers also study a darker aspect of this relationship.

“Our survey…revealed that a significant percentage, which the state should note, is faced with an addiction problem.

“Some 8.3% of young people are addicted to social media, and 24% have a generally problematic use of the Internet, which is to say of being addicted to the Internet and its content,” said Christodoulides.

He added: “Addiction to social media and the Internet exists and constitutes a danger for public health in Cyprus.”

Christodoulides said the state should undertake positive initiatives focusing on young people in school and their place of study.

He suggested that raising awareness could be established with young people’s participation so that “we can pass from passive use of technology to an active use of technology.”

And 17% of participants in the survey said that due to the excessive use of social media, they faced problems with their studies at school or university.

“Our survey showed that 30% of participants spend 4-8 hours daily on the Internet, while 9% replied they spend 8-24 hours on social media on a daily basis.”