Cyprus tourist arrivals dive 95.2% in February

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Cyprus tourist arrivals were almost non-existent last month as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play havoc with holiday travel.

Tourist arrivals plunged by 95.2% in February due to travel restrictions and lockdowns at home and abroad.

According to official figures released Wednesday, tourist arrivals were 5,047 in February, dipping 95.2% from 105,592 in the same month last year, before the outbreak in Cyprus.

In February 2019, Cyprus welcomed 105,571 holidaymakers.

In the first two months, January – February, tourist arrivals totalled 8,936, falling 95.3% compared to 191,214 in the same period last year, recording a decrease of 95.3%.

The decrease was the same (95.2%) when to January – February 2019.

Arrivals from Greece were the primary source of tourism for February 2021, with a share of 44.6% of total arrivals, followed by Germany with 8.7%.

Tourist arrivals from Greece declined 77.6% from the year before, while Germany’s arrivals decreased by 91.3% and from Russia by -94.8%.

In February, 60.7% of visitor came to Cyprus for a holiday, 21.4% visited friends or relatives, and 17.8% for business reasons.

Cyprus went from record tourist arrivals to plunge 84 per cent in 2020, with the island suffering a tourism nightmare as the pandemic decimated holiday travel.

Tourist arrivals plunged by 84.1% in 2020, marking Cyprus’ worst tourist season ever.

Cyprus tourist arrivals reached a measly 631,609, spiralling 84.1% year on year from the record 3.97 million tourists in 2019.

The pandemic ended four successive record years of tourist arrivals that helped Cyprus emerge from a financial crisis in 2013.