British bases funding local community projects

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The British Bases Cyprus Community Relations Fund (CCRF) team has begun distributing €40,000 to local communities to help them fund numerous projects.

Money from the CCRF is distributed within the bases to assist in funding projects, supporting charitable organisations and helping individuals that may need financial assistance.

The donations, which this year are supporting more than 30 organisations and communities in both the Eastern and Western base areas, have made a difference within the surrounding villages for many years.

The money plays a key role in the Administration’s efforts to support local communities.

Kyriacos Christodoulou, Trachoni’s Community Leader, who received financial support for the village cultural club, youth club, scout troop, and local schools, was delighted with the bases Administration’s continued support.

“I wish to warmly thank the Sovereign Base Area Administration for the annual financial support given to organised groups within our communities.

“As the community leader and the representative of the organised groups, we are grateful and thank the British Bases for the kind donation, which reflects their support and help towards our community.”

Those words were echoed by Episkopi’s Community Leader, Lefkios Prodromou: “There has been excellent cooperation between the British Bases and the surrounding communities for years.

“I would like to thank you very much for the kind donation given to us to support our community’s needs. We look forward to the continuation of our cooperation.”

More funds will be donated to community projects across the Sovereign Base Areas in Limassol and Larnaca as the scheme continues.