COVID19: Cyprus third in EU for vaccine rollout

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Cyprus is cranking up its COVID-19 vaccine program covering 8% of its 900,000 population, with over 78,000 people receiving a jab, ranking it third in the EU vaccination league.

According to the website OurWorldInData, Cyprus is third in the European Union in administrating at least one vaccine, with an average of 8.7 doses per 100 people (valid until February 26).

Malta is top with 17.25 doses per 100, followed by Denmark (10.26).

The Health Ministry said Monday, a total of 78,642 vaccinations had been carried out, of which 55,762 were people who received the first dose of the vaccine and 22,800 who have completed their vaccination (two doses).

A total of 20,152 vaccinations were carried out in the week of 22-28 February as coverage continues for those over 71, vulnerable groups and health professionals.

“We are closing in our primary goal set by the National Vaccination Plan, which is to cover the elderly, including those living in nursing homes, so far more than 62,000 people aged over 71 have been vaccinated,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said the government’s strategy is based on a three-pillar plan, mass testing, surveillance, and vaccinations.

Vaccinations in Cyprus are carried out at 11 centres and by six mobile units.

In March, Cyprus will receive more than 164,000 vaccines, with this number increasing in the following months.

Cyprus hopes to achieve 15,000 vaccinations per day as vaccine deliveries increase.

Next month Cyprus will receive 107,000 vaccines from AstraZeneca, up from 69,000 in February, another 50,000 from Pfizer, from an average of 28,000 and 7,500 from Moderna.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine expected to get the green light from the European Medicine Agency this month.