BEIRUT: Cyprus vows continued support for Lebanon

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Cyprus Presdient Nicos Anastasiades said authorities are in the process of committing the €5 mln pledged in support to Lebanon, after the devastating blasts that hit Beirut in August.

President Anastasiades attended on Wednesday evening a videoconference, held at the initiative of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and French President Emmanuel Macron, with heads of states and government and international organizations.

Cyprus pledged to donate the money in a previous videoconference on Lebanon.

In a written statement, deputy government Spokesperson Panayiotis Sentonas said Cyprus’ donation will be used to rebuild schools and hospitals affected by the blast, as well as for UN services working to rebuild the city.

In his intervention, Anastasiades referred to the solidarity the people of Cyprus have shown, collecting a significant quantity of humanitarian aid since the day of the blast until today.

He assured that Cyprus will continue to provide “generous aid” for Lebanon and its people.

This was the second videoconference held after the devastating incident in Beirut, aiming to take stock of the situation in Lebanon after the blast and the progress achieved so far, in reconstruction efforts.

Participants also discussed the rebuilding of Beirut port and surrounding areas, the financial and social situation in the country, as well as the long-term prospects of international support.

On 4 August, a cache of ammonium nitrate caused a deadly blast that rocked the capital Beirut, causing devastation in a city already suffering from a growing coronavirus outbreak, political and economic turmoil.

The blast killed 200 people, injured thousands of others, left around a quarter of a million homeless, sparked further government protests and prompted the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his entire cabinet.

The blast was so powerful it could be felt in nearby Cyprus.