COVID19: Crisis meeting called as Cyprus cases soar

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After daily coronavirus cases spiked to three-digits for the first time since the outbreak, President Nicos Anastasiades will convene an emergency meeting of the COVID epidemiological advisory group on Saturday.

The crisis session at the Presidential Palace will review the worsening COVID-19 landscape in Cyprus with speculation that the government may decide on introducing local lockdowns or even an islandwide curfew.

The government is keen to avoid a national lockdown due to its negative economic impact.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou has argued that measures are sufficient to contain the virus but the public needed to follow them, it seems his plea has gone unheeded.

Cyprus’ transmission rate is well over the threshold of one which means it is increasing exponentially with the health system feeling the knock-on effects two weeks down the line

Anastasiades has also taken to Twitter appealing to Cypriots to diligently observe measures against COVID-19 as cases are on the rise.

“At this time we have to show strength once more, we have to steadfastly observe hygiene measures wear masks to protect our family, our loved ones, but also ourselves,” the President tweeted.

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that 104 cases were detected from 3,877 laboratory tests.

Since the outbreak in Cyprus, the total number of people infected stands at 2,285.

The Health Ministry has also appealed to the public to follow the measures, pointing out that until a vaccine is produced the only shield is to wear masks, wash hands and to practice social distancing.