UK Cypriots urge Raab to act over Varosha

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A group of 25 prominent UK Cypriots have written to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab condemning the unlawful opening of Varosha beachfront as the latest “irresponsible and inhumane” aggression by Turkey.

They “strongly denounce” this moved, point to UN Security Council resolution being violated by this “negative development” in Cyprus.

“Our British Government has to urge Turkey to reverse its action concerning the opening of the fenced-off area of Varosha, which has been exclusively controlled by the Turkish army since 1974, despite the course taken by the Security Council that it should be returned to its lawful inhabitants under UN auspices,” reads the letter.

They also argue that efforts over the years for the legitimate citizens of Varosha to return to the city have met with a refusal from the Turkish side.

“Now it is the time for our British Government to convey a strong message to Turkey to stop bullying Cyprus and it is the United Kingdom’s duty as a guarantor power to take action for a fair workable peaceful solution for all its people.”

“The British Government has to stop Turkey’s latest aggressive moves in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Armenia and again for the fourth time to our motherland Cyprus.

Turkey must not have any role in a future settlement.  Today we have the UN to play this role,” it added.

The letter has also been sent to 23 Conservative current and former MPs as well as the UK High Commissioner in Nicosia.

Respect for Varosha

The European Peoples’ Party group in the European Parliament and its leader German MEP Manfred Weber called on Turkey to comply with UN resolutions and return Varosha to its lawful inhabitants under UN administration.

Weber said: “Cyprus has suffered Turkish provocations and attacks for too long.”

He said his EPP group is “gravely concerned by the Turkish-led plans for the ‘reopening’ of Varosha… it will undermine the prospects of a solution for the Cyprus problem.”

“We demand full compliance by Turkey with UNSC resolutions. That means  the immediate return of Varosha to its lawful inhabitants, under UN administration in accordance with those resolutions.”

“Turkey should refrain from any actions that would harm the prospects for further negotiations to settle the Cyprus problem, and which are not conducive to good neighbourly relations in the region.”