COVID19: Cyprus proud to be ‘safe’ winter destination

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During the pandemic, Cyprus can emerge as a first-class Winter tourism destination, due to its good epidemiological picture, compared to other parts of Europe where the virus is raging.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios argues that if countries are judged equally on their coronavirus data, then Cyprus has the potential to shine as a safe-haven from COVID.

He told CNA, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, that tourists are willing to travel, despite the pandemic and Cyprus should promote itself as a prime candidate.

This was evident through arrivals from Britain – the island’s biggest market – in August, even though UK tourists were required to present a negative coronavirus test.

Perdios said there is an interest from Britain and Sweden for October holidays in Cyprus while there was also demand for the Winter months.

He said his Ministry did not wish to miss this opportunity.

Cyprus, he said, is at a crossroads, and new types of tourism must be examined to include the countryside and mountainous areas, as well as all-season tourism based on niche markets.

The Mediterranean island is still considered one of the safest travel destinations, despite a recent spike in cases but tourist arrivals are only 20% of last year’s record 3.97 million visitors