Cyprus summer goes out with a bang

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Going back to the beach may seem a good idea on Tuesday with Cyprus’ meteorology department ready to issue a yellow warning as it expects maximum temperatures to reach a scorching 40°C.

Despite September coming to an end, Cyprus has yet to see cooler weather, as the month has seen an extraordinary number of days with temperatures higher than the season’s average.

This month has brought a couple of heatwaves as temperatures soared to their highest point ever, reaching 46.2°C on 4 September.

The Met Office warned, “some health risks amongst vulnerable people, like the elderly and very young, is possible.”

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outside, while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

During the first week of September temperatures did not drop below 40°C while the season’s average is 35°C.

Forecasters say Cyprus will slightly ‘cool off’ on Wednesday with top temperatures of 35°C, still higher than the seasonal norm of 31°C.

Temperatures on Thursday and Friday are expected to return to normal with the island experiencing more seasonal weather.

Monday’s maximum temperatures will reach around 38°C inland, 33-35°C on the coast and 31°C in mountain areas.

The island is affected by a high-pressure system pushing temperatures up.

The high-pressure system is expected to subside on Wednesday taking away some of the heat.

Apart from the heat making life more uncomfortable, dust levels are also expected to rise on Tuesday.

Fire hazards remain high with the public urged to avoid any action or activity which may cause a fire.

Lighting a fire for food preparation is only allowed in specified areas at picnic sites.

The public should call 1408 (Forestry Department) or 112 (Fire Department) if smoke or fire is spotted.

Cyprus is well overdue cooler temperatures, having already witnessed its hottest July and August on record.

While September ushered the hottest day ever recorded on the island with a scorching 46.2°C in Nicosia, Cyprus saw its hottest July and August on record.

The average daily maximum temperature in July was 39.7°C and 39.5°C during August as the island experienced a series of week-long heatwaves.