Cyprus, UK in first naval exercise

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The Royal Navy and Cyprus’ National Guard conducted their first naval passing exercise under the name “CYP/UK 2020”.

The exercise was carried out in the context of the presence in the region of the Offshore Patrol Vessel (PATH) OPV HMS Trent (P-224) of the Royal Navy.

The PASSEX is the first exercise between Cyprus forces and the Royal Navy and was co-designed.

A passing exercise (a PASSEX in U.S. Navy terminology) is an exercise between two navies to ensure that they are able to communicate and cooperate in times of conflict, rescue or humanitarian relief.

Cypriot vessel Ioannidis along with patrol boats  Tsomakis, Georgiou and Famagusta took part with the HMS Trent.

One Helicopter also participated in the exercise.

The Defence Ministry said the exercise was successful providing, for the first time, a substantial and practical opportunity for naval and air assets to cooperate with the Royal Navy.

HMS Trent tweeted: “Thank you to the Cypriot Navy for an excellent day of training exercises. Not only was this the first-ever Royal Navy – Cypriot Navy Passage Exercise, but also the first ever Replenishment at Sea (“RAS”) conducted by a batch 2 OPV.”