Nicosia bus drivers end strike

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Nicosia bus drivers have called off their strike over pay, going back to work on Thursday after two days of industrial action that caused disruption for passengers.

Bus drivers in Nicosia and Larnaca employed by Cyprus Public Transport Ltd (CPT) went on strike on Tuesday, claiming that the company failed to keep to their side of the agreement when CPT took over the public transport network for the two towns on 5 July.

Larnaca drivers, however, had returned to work on Wednesday.

Union representatives argued the workers had not yet received their correct salaries for months and that there were other outstanding serious problems with the company.

“The company had not paid overtime put in by bus drivers since they took over,” said Athos Eleftheriades a PEO trade union official.

“However, the company has now acknowledged errors made, and has already paid some 191 workers their dues, and has pledged to amend any other errors in payments made in the near future,” he added.

Eleftheriades said that drivers have authorized a committee of union reps to monitor payments and have the authority to call for a second strike in case the company goes back on its word.

Cyprus Public Transport, press officer Alexandros Kaperos, told the Financial Mirror that the company is pleased with the development.

“It allows misunderstandings to be put aside and for employees and the company to move forward together, building the public transport system that Nicosia and Larnaca deserve”.

He added that any other issues that come up or may appear in the future will be dealt with in a more conciliatory manner.