COVID19: Cyprus cases skyrocket to 26

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Cyprus reported a worrying 26 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, raising the total to 1,385 after only eight the previous day.

The last time Cyprus had reported such high numbers of daily cases was on 4 August when authorities had also reported 26 cases.

It shows that Cyprus is failing to contain the spread of the virus after success in the earlier months.

Wednesday’s cases were detected after 3,372 tests were carried out, with 11 cases involving migrants who were tested at the Pournara reception centre in Nicosia.

Another seven cases were identified through 190 tests on contacts of known cases, three of these were family members.

Four more cases involved people with recent travel history, two Cypriots returning from Greece, a person with a recent travel history to Slovenia and Serbia and a tourist who arrived on Tuesday from the Czech Republic.

The Czech woman was transferred to the Eden rehabilitation centre in Tersefanou, Larnaca.

According to the Health Ministry, some 1,700 tests were carried on Cypriots returning to the island and other passengers at the country’s points of entry.

The two Cypriots with a recent travel history were found along with another four Cypriots who also tested privately.

All six cases found positive to the virus at private labs had developed symptoms of COVID-19.

The Health Ministry said there is only one patient being treated at the Famagusta General, the referral hospital for COVID-19.

A second patient that was being treated at the hospital was transferred on Monday to the Nicosia General and is on a ventilator.

The Health Ministry urged everyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulties) to contact their GP.