Most fatal road accidents caused by drinking, reckless behaviour

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Cyprus’ Road Safety Council in its analysis on last year’s road deaths found that human error was behind 95% of fatal traffic accidents, according to a leaked report.

According to daily Phileleftheros, the report yet to be released, attributes 95% of deaths to the human factor after 55 people lost their lives on Cyprus’ roads in 2019.

The Council, includes representatives of the police, Transport, Interior, Finance, Health and Education Ministries, was formed in 1986 to review data and recommend measures to bring down the number of road deaths.

The 2019 report for 2019 attributes 21% of deaths to drink driving, another 21% to reckless behaviour and distractions, which it said are the primary causes of fatalities in road accidents.

The third cause of death is reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road, followed by speeding and pedestrians carelessly crossing the road.

According to the same report, 366 drivers tested positive to a narco test last year alone after being stopped by police officers.

Citing sources, Phileleftheros said the analysis of fatal accidents indicates that better signs, markings and lighting in public streets could save lives and should be implemented immediately.

Another suggestion is to step up policing to ensure compliance by more drivers.

It touched on the 18 deaths in the first six months of 2020, stating that half involved a single vehicle.

The accidents were attributed to speeding as drivers found it easier to step on the gas during the lockdown when traffic was sparse.

The council is expected to present its strategic plan on reducing fatal road accidents by 50% for 2021-2030).

Meanwhile, two more fatal road accidents took place on Monday in Nicosia, according to police sources.

The first accident took place at a bus stop opposite Makarios stadium where a bus driver was run over in an attempt to immobilise his runaway bus.

Assistant chief of traffic police Charis Evripidou told reporters that circumstances under which the bus had moved are yet to be clarified.

“The bus moved and, in an attempt, to stop it, its driver tragically died after it ran him over,” said Evripidou.

Police are looking into CCTV footage from the area in collaboration with the Labour Inspection Department.

According to reports, there were no passengers on the bus at that time of the accident.

In a second accident on Kennedy Avenue, a moped rider lost his life after colliding with a car.

Reportedly the motorcyclist, a 73-year-old man, was cut off by a vehicle at a right turn.

The man was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.