COVID19: €300 fine for not filing Cyprus entry data online

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Visitors who do not complete a mandatory online form, related to coronavirus, for entry into Cyprus will be slapped with a €300-fine or be sent back home.

The Transport Ministry warned Monday that all passengers, irrespective of category, are obligated to submit an application online for a Cyprus Flight Pass ( within 24 hours of their flight departing.

It said some passengers fill out the forms manually or don’t bother doing them at all while also observing that some airlines allow people onboard who have not completed the online application.

From now on all passengers arriving in Cyprus without having acquired the CyprusFlightPass online or if they present one filled out by hand will be given two choices:

“Either pay a €300 fine or not be allowed entry to the Republic of Cyprus or return back to the country of their departure.”

This new arrangement will apply from Monday, July 13.

The ministry also warned that anyone providing false information will be prosecuted, referring to a recent case where a passenger, later testing positive, had lied about the country from which they had originally departed.

The announcement said that when the person was asked at the airport to fill out the document, he gave false information as regards to his travel details.

The person later presented symptoms and tested positive to coronavirus at a private lab, where they admitted that their country of departure was in category C, the ministry said.

Passengers from category A countries who fail to present the CyprusFlightPass will be treated as arrivals from category B countries and, in addition to the €300 fine will be obliged to undergo a Covid-19 test at the airport, for which they will be charged €60.

Police officers and some officials at the airports have been authorised to issue on-the-spot fines.

Passengers filling out the form will need to create an account, add their personal information, flight details, state the reason for their trip, where they will be staying, contact details in case of emergency.

The online form can be found at