Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy conduct military exercise

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Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy carried out a military exercise in the maritime area off Limassol under the regional Defence and Security Cooperation agreed by the four countries.

The Cypriot Defence Ministry said Thursday the aeronautical exercise involved the Greek navy frigate Kanaris, French frigate Aconit and its helicopter, and Italian frigate Alpino with its helicopter.

Cypriot forces participating included fast patrol boats Tsomakis, Georgiou, Ammochostos, the open sea ship Ioannidis, two army helicopters and police marine ship Thiseas.

Planning and coordination of the exercise were carried out by Cyprus armed forces in collaboration with military officials of the other three countries.

The air and sea exercise involved a search and rescue scenario.

Cyprus has beefed up cooperation with Greece, France and Italy in the East Med as Turkey has escalated tension over challenging energy rights in the region.

French and Italian companies are heavily involved in Cyprus’ energy search while Turkey is opposed to it.

Ankara also contests the sovereign rights of Greece in some maritime areas.