COVID19: Cyprus cases nearing zero as lockdown eased

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Ten days since Cyprus started exiting lockdown and COVID-19 cases are still kept to a minimum with only two cases reported on Thursday, the same as the previous day.

Two new cases were recorded on Thursday taking the total for Cyprus to 907 since the outbreak began on March 9 (including 12 in the British Bases).

Daily cases have remained stable in single-digit figures for more than two weeks, with Thursday’s data proving that Cyprus has kept a lid on the virus spreading.

The two new cases were identified after 1,659 tests were carried out.

One case was identified after 352 tests conducted through private initiatives while the other was among 48 tests performed on people who were tested before being admitted to hospital for treatment.

Health Ministry experts presenting Thursday’s data were pleased to report the number of cases is within the expected range.

They did, however, urge the public to adhere to personal hygiene measures such as wearing a mask and washing hands regularly.

On Thursday, just five people were inpatients at Famagusta General, which operates as the COVID-19 reference hospital. Their condition is described as stable.

Three patients are breathing with the help of a ventilator, all at Nicosia General Hospital ICU.

The condition of all patients in the ICUs is described as “critical but stable.”

Globally, the number of coronavirus cases are closing in on 4.5 million and deaths have reached 300,000, while 1.7 million patients have recovered.