COVID19: Experts warn Cyprus can’t rely on virus disappearing

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Health experts tasked with advising authorities on handling the coronavirus crisis are taking into account a study predicting the end of the pandemic in Cyprus on 24 May but warn the fight goes on.

Government adviser, virologist Peter Karayiannis told the Cyprus News Agency, that scientists are incorporating the study by the Singapore University of Technology and Design into their planning, but it should not lead to complacency.

He said it is a serious study carried out by a reputable University which used a mathematical model of equation and specific variables such as the percentage of the vulnerable population, people infected and those who recovered.

The conditions of each country are considered, such as restrictive measures, compliance by the citizens and the number of beds available in intensive care units.

“For Cyprus, the study predicted that the peak was at the beginning of April, and indeed we did see that.

At the end of April, we started seeing a downward trend with single-digit case numbers and around 24 May the scientists predict we will be ‘virus fee,” Karayiannis said.

He called on people to strictly obey the rules and take all protective measures, as the study is a purely mathematical model which is constantly updated when data changes.

“Next week the epidemiological team will probably be meeting again with President Anastasiades to assess the situation before the second phase of lifting measures are set in motion,” said Karayiannis.

The Singapore study predicted coronavirus would disappear from the planet in early December.