COVID19: Another antenna torched over 5G fears

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Cyprus Telecoms Authority (Cyta) said arsonists have torched a second mobile telephone antenna despite government efforts to dismiss “fake news” about 5G towers spreading the coronavirus.

The government has also made clear it has made no decision or started working on rolling out a 5G network in Cyprus.

A vocal, online campaign against 5G on social media alleges that emissions from the network’s antennas pose a serious health risk and may be linked to the spread of COVID-19 by weakening the human immune system.

Cyta said the attack targeted a 20-year-old installation in Limassol that has nothing to do with 5G but caused disruption.

Another antenna was torched in Limassol two weeks ago, it was also not connected to 5G plans.

This prompted President Nicos Anastasiades to issue a statement condemning the first attack as a “criminal act” that endangered the lives of people with chronic ailments who rely on their mobile phones for medical assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the government is not currently installing any new 5G network and that any decision to do so will be taken based solely on EU directives and World Health Organization recommendations.

Cyta urged authorities to get to the bottom of the attacks and said it is looking at ways of protecting its installations.

Police said they are continuing to investigate a number of social media posts on suspicion of incitement to cause malicious damage.