COVID19: Wearing a face mask is the new normal

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Despite lockdown measures set to be gradually lifted from next week, Cypriots should still wear a face mask in public, says expert advising the government on the coronavirus crisis.

Peter Karayiannis Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia recommends that apart from practising social distancing, Cypriots should wear face masks when outdoors, especially when in close contact with other people.

He told the Cyprus News Agency, that while Cyprus’ hot weather might be an ally in efforts to stem the spread of the virus, people will still have to wear their masks especially when visiting shops and supermarkets.

Employees working indoors are also urged to wear masks.

Karayiannis said health experts feel it’s time to lift restrictions as he estimates that by the end of the week, Cyprus may have zero daily new cases of coronavirus.

He attended a meeting at the Presidential Palace with President Anastasiades on Tuesday to finalize the road map for easing restrictive measures.

He confirmed the lockdown will be lifted in four stages if things go according to plan.

The final road map will be decided by the cabinet, but the epidemiological team will have a say in the way it is applied if they find evidence suggesting that the virus is spreading among the population once more.