COVID19: Health Ministry pays for 2,000 extra frontline tests

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In an attempt to encourage frontline workers to get tested for the coronavirus the Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Monday it will pay for an additional 2,000 tests.

The additional samples will be added to the 20,000-test scheme running for people employed in the food and beverage chain of supply, such as bakeries and supermarkets, as well as carers for the elderly.

As of Sunday, some 16,000 tests were carried out within the initial scheme.

The new initiative covers small and medium-sized enterprises, active in the food and beverage chain of supply that employ up to 15 people, who were not able to be included in the 20,000-test scheme.

Businesses are called on to contact one of the laboratories commissioned by the government, for the scheme, to book an appointment for their employees.

Labs have been told by authorities to give priority to businesses who have not previously benefited from free testing.

Some 20% of the 2,000 (400) tests are to be allocated to employees working at nursing homes caring for the elderly.

The Health Ministry reminded employers, active in the food and beverage chain of supply and in homes for the elderly, of their obligation to ensure that all of their employees have been tested for the coronavirus by 30 April.

Tests are carried out at one of the private labs on an approved list:

MyGene Lab – Molecular Diagnostics

NIPD Genetics

Diogenous Laboratories Biomedical Science Lab

Bioanalysis Clinical Labs 

Tymvios Laboratories

PZ Agapiou