COVID19: Cyprus starts random sampling of 800 volunteers

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A random sampling of 800 people in Cyprus for COVID-19 will begin Friday, following a Cabinet decision to get a better understanding of the outbreak.

The Ministry of Health said the aim of the tests is to assess the percentage of people throughout Cyprus with an active infection, but also to compare the percentage of active infections between age groups and districts.

Stratification was done by district and age group and the call for volunteers to participate in the sampling has already started.

After their consent to participate in the process, they will make an appointment for a test at Public Health Clinics.

Personal data of the volunteers taking part in the sampling will be strictly protected, in accordance with the recommendations of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

Random sampling and data processing is expected to be completed by April 28.

Findings from the random sampling will contribute to the government’s broader effort to map out the course of the virus in Cyprus for informed decision making.

The Institute of Neurology and Genetics announced that sampling appointments for COVID-19 for both the state program for 20,000 frontline workers and the compulsory tests for retail staff have been completed.

The State Health Services Organization announced that sampling of its health professionals in Limassol will continue next week, while a total of 835 tests have been performed so far.